Abyssal Plain

Abyssal plains are very flat and featureless plains of the deep ocean floor.
These plains are the most level areas on the earth.
The major portion of the ocean floor is covered by Abyssal plains. (between depth of 3000m to 6000m)
They were once considered as featureless plains.
But now we know that they are as irregular as the continental plain.
They have submarine plateaus, hills, guyots, and seamounts.
The floor of the abyssal plain is roofed by sediments.
The plains near the continent are secured generally by silt brought down from the land.
Those oceans which favor, a bounteous development of creatures have a thick layer of residue, formed from the remaining parts of living things.
These residue or sediments are called oozes.
Some of the open seas do not support enough life to produce ooze on the floor of the ocean.
They are covered with a kind of sediment or residue called red clay which is of volcanic origin or made up of tiny particles brought by wind and rivers.