Agricultural Technology Management Agency— ATMA

ATMA is a society of key stakeholders involved in agricultural activities for sustainable agricultural development in the district.

It is a focal point for integrating Research and Extension activities and decentralising day to day management of the public Agricultural Technology System (ATS).


The objectives of ATMA are

[1] To strengthen research – extension – farmer linkages.

[2] To provide an effective mechanism for co-ordination and management of activities of different agencies involved in technology adaption / validation and dissemination at the district level and below.

[3] To increase the quality and type of technologies being disseminated.

[4] To move towards shared ownership of the agricultural technology system by key shareholders.

[5] To develop new partnerships with the private institutions including NGOs.


Salient Features of ATMA—

[1] Creating Farmer Advisory Committee to improve feedback.

[2] Using NGOs to organize farmers.

[3] Encouraging private sector involvement in technology transfer.

[4] Developing new Public-Private partnerships.



The scheme is supported by the Central Government.

The funding pattern is 90% by the central Government and 10% by the state government.

The 10% state’s share shall consist of cash contribution of the State, beneficiary contribution or the contribution of other non-governmental organizations.