Agro Climatic Regions of India

Agro Climatic Regions of India

India’s agro-climatic conditions are diverse.

This has virtually all sorts of climatic conditions, able to grow almost all sorts of agricultural products in one area or the other.

There have been many attempts to divide India into various agricultural areas, based on climatic and natural vegetation.

The Planning Commission divided India into 15 Agro-climatic regions following in 1989.

[1] The North-Western Himalaya

[2] The North-East Himalaya

[3] The Lower Ganga Plain

[4] The Middle Ganga Plain

[5] The Upper Ganga Plain

[6] The Trans Ganga plain (Punjab plains)

[7] The Eastern Plateau and hills

[8] The Central Plateau and hills

[9] The Western Plateau and hills

[10] The Southern Plateau and hills

[11] The East Coast Plains and hills

[12] The West Coast Plains and Ghats

[13] The Gujarat Plains and hills

[14] The Western Dry Region

[15] The Islands