BABUR – 1526–30

Babur ascended the throne at Farghana, a small principality in Transoxiana, in 1494 at the age of twelve after the death of his father.

The early years of Babur’s rule in central Asia were tough.

From 1517 onwards he made decisive moves towards India.

From mother’s side he was a descendant of Mongols and from father’s side the great commander Timur.

Because of the lineage of Timur the Mughals are also referred as Timurids.

Babur captured Bhira (1519–1520), Sialkot (1520) and Lahore (1524) in Punjab.

Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi  at Panipat in 1526.

Success at the Battle of Panipat was a great achievement of Babur’s military tactics.

Ibrahim Lodi died in the battle field.

Babur was thus able to take control of Delhi and Agra and got the rich treasure of Lodis.

Victory at Panipat provided Babur a firm ground to consolidate his conquests.