Meaning of biome —

The word biome is a short form of biological home.

Biome may be defined as a large natural Eco-system wherein we study the total assemblage of plant and animal communities.

By biomass we mean the total weight of all living organisms – plants and animals, found in the biome.


Factors Affecting Biomes

There are various factors which affects the size, location, and character of a biome.

Important factors are as follow:

[a] Length of day light and darkness. This is mainly responsible for duration of photosynthesis.

[b] Mean temperature as well as difference in temperature.

[c] Length of growing season.

[d] Precipitation which includes total amount, variations over time and intensity.

[e] Wind flow that includes speed, direction, duration and frequency.

[f] Soil types

[g] Slope

[h] Drainage

[i] Other plant and animal species.