Business Advisory Committee of Lok Sabha

The Business Advisory Committee of Lok Sabha

The Committee is composed of 15 members.

The ex-officio chairman of the committee is Speaker of Lok Sabha.

The Speaker nominates Representatives.

Nearly all parts of the House are reflected in the Committee.

The Committee’s task is to determine the time allocated for discussion of such government legislative and other business as the Speaker can direct to be referred to the Committee in consultation with the House Leader.

The Committee may also recommend to the Government, on its own initiative, to put forward particular subjects for discussion in the House and suggest allocating time for these discussions.

The committee’s conclusions are often binding in nature and are reflective of the House’s collective opinion.

The Committee usually meets at the beginning of each session and as and when necessary afterward.

This has 11 members of the Rajya Sabha with the President as its ex-officio president.

In Rajya Sabha, such a committee has 11 members and the chairman of the house is its ex-officio chairman.

The Business Advisory Committee was constituted for the first time on the 14th of July, 1952.