Chalcolithic communities of non Harappan India

Chalcolithic communities of non Harappan India:

The important non Harappan chalcolithic cultures lay mainly in western India and Deccan.

These include –

Banas culture (2600BC–1900 BC) in south-east Rajasthan, with Ahar near Udaipur and Gilund as its key-sites.

Kayatha culture (2100BC–2000 BC) with Kayatha in Chambal as its chief site in Madhya Pradesh.

Malwa Culture (1700BC–1400BC) with Navdatoli in Western Madhya Pradesh as an important site.

Jorwe culture (1400BC– 700BC) with Inamgaon and Chandoli near Pune in Maharashtra as its chief centres.

The evidence of the chalcolithic cultures also comes from eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Bengal.