Committee on Private Members’ Bills

Committee on Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions consists of 15 members and the Deputy Speaker is its Chairman when nominated as a member of the Committee.

The Committee is nominated by the Speaker.

The functions of the Committee are:

to allot time to Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions,

to examine Private Members’ Bills seeking to amend the Constitution before their introduction in Lok Sabha,

to examine all Private Members’ Bills after they are introduced and before they are taken up for consideration in the House and to classify them according to their nature, urgency and importance into two categories namely, category A and category B and

also to examine such Private Members’ Bills where the legislative competence of the House is challenged.


The Committee, thus, performs the same function in relation to Private Members’ Bills and Resolutions as the Business Advisory Committee does in regard to Government Business.

The Committee holds office for a term not exceeding one year.

The same function in the Rajya Sabha is performed by the Business Advisory Committee of that House.