Communist Party of India

The Communist Party of India was formed on 25 December 1925 at the first Kanpur Party Conference.

The founding members of the party were:

  • Evelyn Trent Roy (Roy’s wife)
  • M.N. Roy
  • Rosa Fitingof (Abani’s wife)
  • Abani Mukherji
  • Mohammad Ali (Ahmed Hasan)
  • Mohammad Shafiq Siddiqui
  • Sultan Ahmed Khan of North-West Frontier Province
  • Rafiq Ahmed of Bhopal and M.P.B.T. Aacharya


There were many communist groups in different parts of the world formed by Indians with the help of foreigners.

Anushilan and Jugantar groups in Bengal were in contact with the Tashkent group.


Small communist groups were formed:

Bengal (led by Muzaffar Ahmed),

Bombay (led by S.A. Dange),

Madras (led by Singaravelu Chettiar),

United Provinces (led by Shaukat Usmani) and

Punjab and Sindh (led by Ghulam Hussain).