Current Affairs February 2018 [5]

[41] Who has won Men’s Singles title at the Austrian Open International Challenge badminton tournament 2018?

[A] B. Sai Praneeth

[B] Prannoy Kumar

[C] Srikanth Kidambi

[D] Parupalli Kashyap


[42] In which city India’s first Aviation Multi Skill Development Centre was launched? 

[A] Nellore

[B] Bengaluru

[C] Chandigarh

[D] Pune


[43] Who has been appointed as the new Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) of the Indian Army?

[A] Lt. Gen Anil Chauhan

[B] Lt General Devraj Anbu

[C] Lt General Sarath Chand

[D] Lt General Praveen Bakshi


[44] The ‘Pelican Bird Festival-2018’ was held for first in which state?

[A] Maharashtra

[B] Kerala

[C] Andhra Pradesh

[D] Meghalaya


[45] The Union Ministry of Defence (MoD) has constituted 13-member Raksha Mantri Advisory Committee on Ministry of Defence Capital Projects (RMCOMP). Who is the head of the committee?

[A] Amber Dubey

[B] Vinay Sheel Oberoi

[C] R. K. Tyagi

[D] R. K. Jain


[46] What will be the base year of gross domestic product (GDP) and Index of Industrial Production (IIP)?

[A] 2013-14

[B] 2016-17

[C] 2015-16

[D] 2018-19


[47] Which state has signed a pact with “Amazon India” to facilitate online selling of Khadi products?

[A] Uttar Pradesh

[B] West Bengal

[C] Tamil Nadu

[D] Maharashtra


[48] What was the theme of 2018 National Science Day?

[A] Science and Technology for a sustainable future.

[B] Fostering Scientific Temper.

[C] Science for Nation Building.

[D] Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation.



[49] The eighth edition Lamitye 2018, bilateral military exercise was held at Mahe Island between Indian Army and ……………

[A] Bhutan

[B] Sri Lanka

[C] Maldives

[D] Seychelles



[50] What is the ranking of India in Global Democracy Index 2017?

[A] 21st

[B] 35th

[C] 42nd

[D] 68th