Current Affairs March 2017 [6]

[51] What was the theme of the World Tuberculosis Day 2017?

[A] Gear up to end TB

[B] Stop TB in my lifetime

[C] Unite to End TB

[D] Stop TB, fight poverty



[52] Who is the Chief Minister of Utarakhand?

[A] Harish Rawat

[B] Trivendra Singh Rawat

[C] Raghunath Singh Chauhan

[D] Harak Singh Rawat



[53] According to Mercer’s Quality of Living rankings 2017, which city has emerged as the best city in terms of living standards among Indian cities globally?

[A] Bengaluru

[B] Hyderabad

[C] Pune

[D] Jaipur



[54] What is INS Tillanchang?

[A] It is a Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine.

[B] It is a Mine countermeasure vessel.

[C] It is a Water Jet Fast Attack Craft.

[D] It is an offshore patrol vessel.



[55] Who is the winner of 2015-16 Polly Umrigar Award?

[A] Virat Kohli

[B] Buwaneshwar Kumar

[C] Ravichandran Ashwin

[D] M.S. Dhoni



[56] Which bank has launched the “Unnati Credit Card” to spread credit inclusion among masses?

[A] State Bank of India

[B] Punjab National Bank

[C] Axis Bank

[D] ICICI Bank



[57] Which state has become the first state in the country to carry financial inclusion and extend banking services to unbanked areas through Self Help Groups (SHGs)?

[A] West Bengal

[B] Odisha

[C] Andhra Pradesh

[D] Tamil Nadu



[58] The World Meteorological Day (WMD) is observed every year ———————.

[A] March 21

[B] March 22

[C] March 23

[D] March 24



[59] Which is the first fully India-made train?

[A] Medha

[B] Fairy Queen

[C] Deccan Odyssey

[D] Kavi Guru



[60] How many states have been identified for Pilot Project on Ornamental Fisheries?

[A] 8

[B] 10

[C] 12

[D] 14