Current Affairs March 2018 [6]

[21] Who has won the Women’s Singles (Under-19) title at the Israel Junior 2018 Badminton tournament?

[A] Purva Barve

[B] Aakarshi Kashyap

[C] Malvika Bansod

[D] Amolika Singh


[22] In which city was the National Conference on Counterfeiting and Role of Enforcement Agencies held?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Mumbai

[C] Hyderabad

[D] Bengaluru


[23] World Sparrow Day is observed every year on……………

[A] March 8

[B] March 12

[C] March 20

[D] March 24


[24] 7th Women Science Congress, 2018 was held in which state?

[A] Punjab

[B] Manipur

[C] Karnataka

[D] Kerala


[25] A tribunal has been set up to resolve the dispute between Odisha and Chhattisgarh over Mahanadi river waters. Who is the chairman of the tribunal?

[A] B. D. Ahmed

[B] Vineet Saran

[C] Ravi Rajan

[D] A. M. Khanvilkar


[26] VATUNA 18, a joint naval exercise, was held in Arabian Sea off Goa coast. Which countries participated in the exercise?

[A] Russia and India

[B] USA and India

[C] Israel and India

[D] France and India


[27] Who has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

[A] Vijay Gokhale

[B] Ajay Bisaria

[C] Atul M. Gotsurve

[D] Pavan Kapoor


[28] Who has won 2017 Kochon Prize for building a tradition of excellence in TB research and development?

[A] Unsung Heroes

[B] REACH Ethiopia

[C] Indian Council of Medical Research

[D] Desmond Tutu Tuberculosis Centre


[29] Which state has launched Women Entrepreneurship Hub (WE-Hub), India’s first state-led incubator for women entrepreneurs?

[A] Telangana

[B] Maharashtra

[C] Tamil Nadu

[D] Haryana


[30] Which country hosted the first G20 meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors?

[A] Russia

[B] China

[C] Turkey

[D] Argentina