Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate

The rulers who ruled over a significant part of North India between AD1200 and AD1526 have been identified as Sultans.

These rulers were of Turkish and Afghan origin.

They established their rule in India after they defeated the Indian ruling dynasties, primarily Rajputs in northern India.

Prithvi Raj Chauhan was the key leader overthrown by the Turkish invader Muhammad Ghori.

These Sultans were in power for more than 300 years (1200 AD to 1526 AD approximately).

Ibrahim Lodi, the last sultan of Delhi, was defeated in AD1526 by the Mughals, led by Babur, who founded the Mughal Empire in India.

Five separate dynasties ruled Delhi during this period of around three hundred years.

These were:

[1] the Mamluks (AD 1206–AD 1290) (popularly known as slave dynasty)

[2] the Khaljis (AD 1290–AD 1320)

[3] the Tughlaqs (AD 1320–AD 1412)

[4] the Sayyids (AD 1412–AD 1451)

[5] the Lodis (AD 1451– AD 1526)

All these dynasties are collectively referred to as the Delhi Sultanate.


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