Depositional Work of Glacier

Depositional Work of Glacier

When the glacier melts or retreats, it deposits its load in different parts.

The debris thus deposited are called moraines.

Depending upon their location in the valley moraines are of four types:


[1] Terminal Moraine

When the glacier melts, the debris are deposited at the end of the valley glacier in the form of a ridge.

It is called terminal moraine.

Morainic material ranges from fine clay to large angular boulders.


[2] Lateral moraine

The moraine which is deposited on either side of a glacier is called lateral moraine.


[3] Medial moraine

When two glaciers join each other their lateral moraines also join.

Moraines thus formed on the confluence of two glaciers are called medial moraines.


[4] Ground moraine

It consists of deposits left behind in areas once covered by glaciers.

It is seen only after the glacial ice has disappeared by melting.