Distribution of Volcanoes

Distribution of Volcanoes:

There are about 500 volcanoes in the world.

Most of these volcanoes are found in three well defined belts, The Circum-Pacific belt, the Mid-World Mountain belt and the African Rift Valley belt.

Thus, volcanoes are closely related to the regions of intense folding and faulting.

They occur along coastal mountain ranges, on islands and in the mid-oceans.

Interior parts of continents are generally free from their activity.

Most of the active volcanoes are found in the pacific region. About 83 active volcanoes are located in Mediterranean region.

Circum-Pacific region has the greatest concentration of volcanoes, that is why, it is called ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. This ring extends along Andes mountains of south America to Alaska and from the Aleutian Islands to Japan, Philippines, Indonesia to New Zealand.

The Mid-world mountain belt occupies the second position with regard to the numbers of volcanoes.

It runs from Alps in Europe to Asia Minor and crossing through Himalayan region joins the Circum-Pacific belt.

The African rift valley region ranks third.

Most of the volcanoes are extinct here. Mt. Cameroon is the only active volcano which is situated in Central West Africa.