Drought Causes and Impact

According to meteorologists the rainfall deficiency during a long period over a large area is called a drought.

Drought can also occur when ground water level is not within reach of agricultural communities.

The government also declares on area affected by drought, if more than 50 percent crop loss happens in an area due to meteorological condition.


Causes of drought

Major cause of drought in India is scarcity of rain.

But humans have interfered in the environment processes by their activities.


Impact of drought

Droughts cause scarcity of food and water.

People die of hunger, malnutrition and epidemics.

People are forced to migrate from their area of residence.

Crops fail due to scarcity of water.

Farmers are deprived of their employment.


Drought prone areas of India

There is a major region that lies between South Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

It includes west south Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

It includes areas of west Madhya Pradesh, central Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Out of 593 districts in India, 193 districts are severely drought prone.

In 2003 most parts of Rajasthan experienced drought for the fourth consecutive year.