Fourth Anglo Mysore War 1799

Fourth Anglo Mysore War (1799) was an outcome of tense relations between British and French in Europe.

The British asked Tipu Sultan to sign the subsidiary alliance.

Tipu Sultan’s refusal led to war and the British supported by the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Marathas attacked Mysore from three sides.

Tipu Sultan was at first defeated by the Bombay army and was later on defeated by General Harris at Mallavalli.

Tipu died fighting bravely.

The members of his family were interned at Vellore.

A boy of the earlier Mysore royal family was installed on the Gaddi of Mysore and a Subsidiary Alliance was imposed.

The fourth Mysore war was the last of the Anglo Mysore wars.

Shrirangapattanam and Mysore came under the hands of the British.

They re-established the Wodeyar dynasty to the Mysore throne.

The Kingdom of Mysore became a princely state of British India.