After the August Offer, the Congress was in a confused state.

The radicals and leftists wanted to launch a mass Civil Disobedience Movement, but here Gandhiji insisted on Individual Satyagraha.

The Individual Satyagraha was not to seek independence but to affirm the right of speech.

The other reason for this Satyagraha was that a mass movement may turn violent and Gandhiji would not like to see Great Britain embarrassed by such a situation.

The non-violence was set as the centerpiece of Individual Satyagraha.

This was done by carefully selecting the Satyagrahis.

The first Satyagrahi selected was Acharya Vinoba Bhave, who was sent to Jail when he spoke against the war.

Second Satyagrahi was Jawahar Lal Nehru.

The third was Brahma Datt, one of the inmates of Gandhiji’s Ashram.

They all were sent to jails for violating the Defense of India Act.

But since it was not a mass movement, it attracted little enthusiasm and in December 1940, Gandhi suspended the movement.

The campaign started again in January 1941, this time, thousands of people joined and around 20 thousand people were arrested.


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