The president of the Congress Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was invited on 2nd September 1946 to form the Interim Government.

The Muslim League did not join the Interim Government.

So, this Government constituted of the Congress nominees only like Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Mr. Rajgopalachari, Dr. John Mathai, Sardar Baldev Singh, Sir Shafaat Ahmad Khan, Mr. Jagjivan Ram, Syed Ali Zaheer, Mr. C.H. Bhabha, Mr. Asaf Ali and Mr. Sharad Chandra Bose.

The Muslim League decided to join the Interim Government on 13th October 1946 to safeguard the interests of the Muslims.

The main aim of the league was to oppose every work of the Government.

Nehru openly declared the League as “the King’s Party“.

The difference between the Congress and the League could not be patched up.

So communal struggle continued to spread.

The constituent Assembly met in New Delhi on 9th December 1946 with Rajendra Prasad as its president to prepare a constitution for India.

The League boycotted the Constituent Assembly totally.

So, the Congress demanded resignation of the League from the Interim Government too.

Nehru moved his famous resolution on 11th December 1946 which declared to make India an independent sovereign republic.

The Muslim League continued to keep away from the Congress.

It created a deadlock from inside the Government.

The Congress- League difference became so acute that the Interim Government under the Prime Ministeriship of Pandit Nehru could not function properly.

The Hindu-Muslim deadlock continued to aggravate the political situation of the country.