Main events during his tenure are:

During the administration of Lord Hardinge, George V and his Queen Empress Mary, came to visit India (1911).

The famous Delhi Durbar was convened on that occasion in which it was decided to transfer the capital of India from Cal­cutta to Delhi.

The most important decision of the Durbar was the annulment of the Bengal Partition of 1905.

In the ceremonial procession at the time of entry into the new capital of India—Delhi, a bomb was thrown on Hardinge.

Lord Hardinge was injured but his life was saved but one of his attendants lost his life.

The bomb was thrown by Rashbehari Bose who made good his escape.

Towards the end of the administration of Lord Hardinge the First World War began.

In 1912 Delhi was made a province.

Islington Commission on civil services was constituted in 1911.