Lord Mayo as viceroy, 1869-72

Lord Mayo

In 1871, India’s first census was taken by Lord Mayo.

He organized the Statistical Survey of India.

He introduced the State Railway system.

Mayo’s resolution of 1870 started the process of decentralization of finances.

He greatly reduced military expenditure and other expenses pertaining to the civil administration, implemented salt duty and increased income tax.

He authorized provincial governments to resort to local taxation to balance their budgets.

The Department of Revenue, Agriculture and Commerce were established by Lord Mayo on June 9th, 1871 and he also initiated the Land-improvement Act.

He vigorously advocated the importance of primary education among Indian citizens.

He laid down a set of codified laws to be effectively put into practice for the betterment of the prisoners.

He opened Rajkot College at Kathiawar and the Mayo College at Ajmer for political training of Indian princes.

On 8th February 1872, Lord Mayo was brutally assassinated by a convict named Sher Ali.


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