After Lord Chelmsford LORD READING came as the governor-general and viceroy of India.

The most important event of his period of administration was the non-co-opera­tion movement of Gandhiji.

Imprisonment of Mahatma Gandhi, enhancement of salt tax despite the opposition of the Central Legislature made Lord Reading very unpopular with the people of India.

Lord Reading repealed the Rowlatt-Act and withdrew tariff duties on cloth.

He also conceded the right of the Indians to be appointed as King’s Commissioned Officers in the army.

Besides, he threw Sandhurst military college of England open to the Indians for military training.

The plan for developing the Royal Indian Navy was prepared.

In 1923 Civil Marriage Bill was passed.

In 1924 Lee Commission on civil services submitted its report.

In 1925 Devdasi system was abolished by an Act.

On 22nd August 1925 V.J Patel elected the first Indian President of the Legislative Assembly.