Mahmud Ghazni invaded India 17 times during AD 1000–1026.

Mahmud Ghazni was Son of Sabuktigin, the founder of Ghazni dynasty & Turkish slave commander.

Mahmud Ghazni first encountered the Hindushai ruler Jaipal in AD 1001.

In the years AD 1004–06 Mahmud Ghazni attacked the rulers of Multan.

Between AD 1014–1019, Mahmud enriched his treasury by looting the temples of Nagarkot, Thanesar, Mathura and Kanauj.

The attack against Nagarkot in AD 1008 has been described as his first great triumph.

In AD 1025, Mahmud embarked on the most ambitious Indian campaign, the attack on the Somnath temple in Saurashtra.

Mahmud’s raids into India were only to acquire the famous wealth of India.

This wealth would help him to consolidate his vast rule in Central Asia.

He did not wish to establish an empire in India.

The Ghaznavis had their control on parts of Punjab and Sindh which continued till AD 1135.