The Maitrakas were tributary chiefs of the Guptas, who established an independent kingdom in western India.

Valabhi, modern Wala in Kathiawar, was the capital of Maitrakas.

This city became an important center of learning. Being on the Arabian Sea, it was also a port town having flourishing trade and commerce.

The kingdom of the Maitrakas included Bhroach, Junagarh, Mandsor, Rewakantha, Ujjain and Vadnagar.

Dhruvasena II was the most important ruler of the Maitrakas.

He was a contemporary of Harshavardhana and was married to his daughter.

Dhruvasena II attended Harsha’s assembly at Prayaga (Allahabad).

Maitrakas continued to rule until the middle of the eighth century when Arab attacks weakened their power.

Maitrakas kingdom was an important centre of Buddhism.