Muslim League was founded on 30 December 1906 at Dhaka (now in Bangladesh).

It was founded by the followers, admirers, and companions of the Aligarh Movement.

It was set up under the leadership of Aga Khan, Nawab Salimullah of Dacca and Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk.

The first headquarter was at Lucknow.

The first stage of its formation was the meeting held at Lucknow in September 1906, with the participation of representatives from all over India.

The decision for re-consideration to form the all Indian Muslim political party was taken.

The Founding meeting was hosted by Nawab Sir Khwaja Salimullah and attended by three thousand delegates, while Ameer Ali, Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi were also the founding fathers who attended this meeting.

The name “All-India Muslim League” was proposed by Sir Agha Khan III, who was appointed its first president.

The League’s constitution was framed in 1907 in Karachi.

In 1910, Nawaab Syed Shamsul Huda selected as the president of the party.

Aga Khan III’s played a leading role in founding All-India Muslim League; his goal was the advancement of Muslim agendas and protection of Muslim rights in India.

Agha Khan boldly told the British Raj that Muslims must be considered a separate nation within India.

In 1913 Mohammed Ali Jinnah joined the Muslim league.


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