Parliamentary Forum

A Parliamentary Forum is a group of Members of Parliament who are nominated by the Speaker, Lok Sabha and the Chairman, Rajya Sabha, as the case may be, from amongst the Leaders of various Political Parties/Groups or their nominees who have special knowledge/keen interest in the subject.

Each Forum consists of not more than 31 Members (excluding the President and ex officio Vice-Presidents) out of whom not more than 21 are from Lok Sabha and not more than 10 are from Rajya Sabha.

At present there are eight Parliamentary Forums, viz.

[1] Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation and Management;

[2] Parliamentary Forum on Children;

[3] Parliamentary Forum on Youth;

[4] Parliamentary Forum on Population and Public Health;

[5] Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate Change;

[6] Parliamentary Forum on Disaster Management;

[7] Parliamentary Forum on Artisans and Craftspeople and

[8] Parliamentary Forum on Millennium Development Goals.

Unlike the Department-related Committees which are governed by the Rules of Procedure, these forums are governed by a separate set of guidelines issued by the Speaker, Lok Sabha in consultation with the Chairman, Rajya Sabha.