Periodic Winds – Monsoon Winds

The direction of these winds changes with the change of seasons.

Monsoon winds are the most important periodic winds.

Monsoon Winds 

The word ‘Monsoon’ has been derived from the Arabic word ‘Mausim’ meaning season.

The winds that reverse their direction with the change of seasons are called monsoon winds.

During summer the monsoon winds blow from the sea towards land and during winter from land towards seas.

Traditionally these winds were explained as land and sea breezes on a large scale.

But this explanation does not hold good now.

Nowadays the monsoon is generally accepted as a seasonal modification of the general planetary wind system.

The Asiatic monsoon is the result of the interaction of both planetary wind system and regional factors, both at the surface and in the upper troposphere.

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar(Burma), Sri Lanka, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, South-east Asia, North Australia, China, and Japan are important regions where monsoon winds are prevalent.


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