Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

Earlier, the judiciary, including Supreme Court, entertained litigation only from those parties that were affected directly or indirectly by it.

It heard and decided cases only under its original and appellate jurisdiction.

But subsequently, the Court permitted cases on the ground of public interest litigation.

It means that even people, who are not directly involved in the case, may bring to the notice of the Court matters of public interest.

It is the privilege of the Court to entertain the application for public interest litigation (PIL).

The concept of PIL was introduced by Justice P.N. Bhagwati.

The Supreme Court on the basis of letters received from journalists, lawyers and social workers and even on the basis of newspaper reports has taken up a number of matters of public interest.

In case of environmental pollution, the Supreme Court has ordered closure of a few factories near Kanpur, Delhi and other places.

The process of PIL has led to increased judicial activism.