Railway Convention Committee

The Railway Convention Committee is an ad-hoc Committee.

It consists of 18 members.

Out of these, 12 members are from Lok Sabha nominated by the Speaker and 6 members are from Rajya Sabha nominated by the Chairman.

By convention the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Railways are members of the Committee.

Besides this, Ministers of State in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Railways respectively are also its members.

The main function of the Committee is to review the Rate of Dividend payable by the Railways undertaking to General Revenues as well as other ancillary matters in connection with the Railway Finance vis-a-vis the General Finance and make recommendations thereon.

The Railway Convention Committee, 1949 was the first Committee after independence.

This Committee and subsequent Committees confined themselves to determining the rate of dividend payable by Railways to General Revenues.

Since 1971 the Railway Convention Committees have been taking up subjects for examination and report which have a bearing on the working of Railways.