Sadler Commission 1917 Calcutta University

In 1917, the Calcutta University Commission (Sadler Commission) was appointed by the Government of India under the Chairmanship of Mr. Michel Sadler, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leeds.

So it was popularly known as the Sadler Commission.

Sadler Commission was appointed for the purpose of making recommendations to reform Calcutta University.


All the teaching resources in the city of Calcutta should be organized so that the Calcutta University may become entirely a teaching university.

A separate teaching and residential university should be established at Dacca.

There was a need for a coordinating agency. Hence an inter-University Board should be set up.

Honors courses should be instituted and they should be distinctly different from the Pass courses.

Full time and salaried Vice-Chancellor should be appointed to be the administrative head of the university.

The Senate and the syndicate should be replaced by the Court and the Executive Council respectively.

Universities should be freed from excessive official control.

Government interference in the academic matters of universities should stop.


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