Khizr Khan founded Sayyid dynasty.

He did not assume the title of Sultan but was comfortable with Rayati- Ala.

Khizr Khan was the most competent Sayyid rule of the dynasty.

After Khizr Khan’s death Mubarak Shah (AD 1412–34) and Muhammad Shah (AD 1434–45) ascended the throne one after another.

All of these rulers tried to control rebellious regions like Katehar, Badaun, Etawah, Patiali, Gwalior, Kampil, Nagaur and Mewat but they failed due to the conspiracy of the nobles.

In 1445 AD, Alam Shah ascended the throne and became the Sultan.

Alam Shah’s Wazir Hamid Khan invited Bhalol Lodi to take charge of the army and after realizing that it would be difficult to continue as Sultan, Alam Shah left for Badaun.