The main cause of the second Anglo Maratha war due to the defeat of the Peshwa Baji Rao II by the Holkars.

As a result of which Baji Rao II accepted British protection by signing the Treaty of Bassein in December 1802.

The other Maratha rulers such as the Gwalior’s Scindia rulers and the Bhonsle rulers of Nagpur and Berar did not accept this and they wanted to fight against the British.

As a result, the second Anglo-Maratha war broke out in Central India in 1803.

British attacked from North under General Lake and from South under Arthur Wellesley.

In 1803, Aurangabad and Gwalior were taken by the British.

As a result of the War Scindia and Bhonsle became subsidiary allies of the Company.

Both of Scindia and Bhosle accepted the Treaty of Bassein.

The British gained control over the Orissa Coast and the territories between the Ganga and Yamuna.


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