The Second Anglo-Sikh War took place in 1848 and 1849, between the Sikh Empire and the British East India Company.

It resulted in the subjugation of the Sikh Empire, and the annexation of the Punjab.

At the end of the First Anglo Sikh war, the Sikh Empire was forced to cede some valuable territory (the Jullundur Doab) to the East India Company, and Maharaja Gulab Singh, the ruler of Jammu, was allowed to acquire Kashmir from the Sikh Empire by a large cash payment to the East India Company.

Some of the Sikh Army were forced to make an expedition to oust the ruling Maharajah of Kashmir in favour of Gulab Singh.

Lord Gough the British Commander in Chief reached Lahore with the grand army of Punjab.

Multan surrendered in 1849 and the Sikhs suffered a defeat at Chillianwala a few weeks later.

The final and decisive battle was won by the English at Gujarat and the whole of Punjab surrendered.

The war resulted in the annexation of Punjab in 1849 by Lord Dalhousie and Dalip Singh was pensioned off and sent to England along with his mother Rani Jindan.