Select and Joint Committees

When a Bill comes up before a House for general discussion, it is open to that House to refer it to a Select Committee of the House or a Joint Committee of the two Houses.

A motion has to be moved and adopted to this effect in the House in which the Bill comes up for consideration.

In case the motion adopted is for reference of the Bill to a Joint Committee, the decision is conveyed to the other House requesting them to nominate members of the other House to serve on the Committee.

The Select or Joint Committee considers the Bill clause by clause just as the two Houses do.

Amendments can be moved to various clauses by members of the Committee.

The Committee can also take evidence of associations, public bodies or experts who are interested in the Bill.

After the Bill has thus been considered the Committee submits its report to the House.

Members who do not agree with the majority report may append their minutes of dissent to the report.