Submarine Ridges

The lofty mountain systems which exist on the continents is also represented beneath the ocean waters.

These oceanic mountains are known as submarine ridges.

They are linear belts occurring near the middle of the oceans and are also called mid-oceanic ridges.

All the mid oceanic ridges constitute a world-wide system which is interconnected from ocean to ocean.

These ridges are intersected by faults.

The oceanic ridge is the site of frequent earthquakes.

Volcanism is common in ocean ridges and it produces many relief features.

The Mid-Atlantic Ridge is the largest continuous submerged mountain ridge which runs from north to south in the Atlantic-Ocean. It is in the shape of S.

At some places, the peaks rise above the surface of water in the form of islands.

Many of the islands are volcanic in origin.

The East Pacific Ridge and Carlsberg Ridge are some of the important submarine ridges.