Third Mysore war 1790-92 and Treaty of Shrirangapattanam

Third Anglo-Mysore War (1790-92) was an extension of the earlier inconclusive wars.

The immediate reason of the war which commenced in 1789 was that the local Dharamaraja of Travancore made some fortifications into the territories which were claimed by Tipu Sultan.

Travancore  was an ally of the British.

So when Tipu Sultan attacked Travancore, the British attacked Tipu Sultan.

The Diplomacy of Cornwallis kept Tipu Sultan aloof from the Marathas, Coorg, and Nizams.

Tipu Sultan was defeated in the war.

Third Mysore war came to an end by the treaty of Shrirangapattanam.


Treaty of Shrirangapattanam

The Treaty of Shrirangapatam resulted in the surrender of nearly half of Mysorean territory to the victorious allies.

The British acquired Baramahal, Dindigul, and Malabar.

The Marathas got territory on the Tungabhadra side and the Nizam acquired territories from the Krishna to beyond the Pennar.

The Raja of Coorg got independence from Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan had to pay Rs. 3.30 Crore as war indemnity and send his two sons as hostages to the English.


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