Transportation by Wind

Wind is an important agent of transportation in the arid region.

The transported material is sometimes deposited in areas very far away from the place from where the dust particles have been picked.

Winds blowing from Gobi Desert carry dust to the northern parts of China.

In India winds blowing from Thar Desert bring dust particles to western Uttar Pradesh and the adjoining parts of Haryana & Punjab.

This transported material is deposited in the fertile plains of Uttar Pradesh.


Deposition by Wind    

Under certain conditions, the material transported by wind starts getting deposited at a particular site along its running track.

The conditions favouring it are:

When the amount of dust particles present in the air exceed its carrying capacity, a part of the material being transported is deposited. This is the material which is in excess of the transportation capacity of the wind.

When the speed of the wind is reduced, its carrying capacity is also reduced. The material in suspension is thus deposited.

When an obstruction comes in the path of the wind, air has to rise above this obstruction. When it rises, the velocity of the wind is reduced and it starts dropping its load. This material is deposited in the form of a mound at the foot of the obstruction.