Administrative Under Structure Delhi Sultanate:


After Sultan, the most important office was the Diwan-i-Wizarat, headed by the wazir.

His role was of a general supervisor over all departments, though he was one of the four important departmental heads.

He was the chief advisor to the Sultan.

The main functions of the wazir were–

[1] to look after the financial organization of the State,

[2] to give advice to the Sultan, 

[3] to lead military expeditions at Sultan’s behest.

[4] The wizarat or the office of wazir also kept a check on land revenue collections.

[5] Further, the Mints, the intelligence departments, the royal buildings and other bodies affiliated to the royal court were supervised by the wizarat.


Departments which worked under the wizarat:

[1] Mustaufi-i-Mumalik (Auditor-General)

[2] Mushrif-i-Mumalik (Accountant General)

[3] Majmuadar (Keeper of loans and balances from the treasury)

[4] Diwan-i -Waqoof (to supervise expenditure)

[5] Diwan-i- Mustakharaj (to look into the arrears of revenue payments)

[6] Diwan-i-Amir Kohi (to bring uncultivated land into cultivation through state support).